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    New CINAHL access Posted Monday, August 23, 2004, 12:32 pm
    The library is pleased to announce a new access for CINAHL.  This vendor allows for searching across additional databases and links to full text articles in a more seamless manner.  In addition to CINAHL, this access includes three other databases.  They are Pre-CINAHL, Health Source - Nursing Academic Edition, and Clinical Pharmacology.  This access was negotiated with a group of North Dakota libraries.
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    Additional resources available Posted Friday, July 30, 2004, 4:46 pm
    Several additional resources are available to library users.  Please try out STAT!Ref and Access Lange for electronic medical texts.  Science Online, Nature Archives, and additional accesses to Vector NTI are now available compliments of the BRIN grant.  BRIN funding is also allowing us access to the Current Protocols in Cell Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, and Protein Science.  COBRE funding is providing access to Current Protocols in Neuroscience.  All these resources are available through the  Electronic Resources list on the left hand side of this web site.
  • E-Resources
    New E-Resources System Posted Monday, July 26, 2004, 4:29 pm
    The library is pleased to introduce an enhanced version of the e-resources system. The systems used for electronic resources have been completely reworked to allow a greater range of resource information to be available, and to enhance usability of the system.  New features include:

    * Availability Keys - Small icons in front of each title indicate resource availability.  These icons dynamically determine accessibility based on your location, whether you are logged in, and from where the resource is allowed to be accessed.
    * Details Page - Each resource now has a "Details" page.  In the previous system all detail information was provided directly on the alphabetical list of titles, resulting in a cluttered appearance.  The new system places this information in a "Details" page to minimize the amount of extra information directly on the title list.
    * Unified Login System - The authentication system has been reworked so that a single login is all that is required.  The "password list" has been eliminated in favor of additional information on the "Details" page, and the addition of a new icon to indicate password access.  The title specific user names and passwords are available on line through the details page only if you are logged in.  The newly designed login system allows for a single login to be done.  If you log in to view a password, you will not have to log in again for remote access.
    * Remember Login Option - If you are not on a public terminal and you choose the "Remember" option, you won't have to log in again from your machine for up to a year (unless you log out or clear your cookies). This simplifies the process of accessing titles remotely.
    * Date Ranges - The new system has improved support for displaying electronic holdings information if provided by the publisher.  The dates of availability are listed after the title within the alphabetical list, and on the "Details" page for each resource.  Dates for all titles are still in progress, however most titles from larger collections such as Blackwell Synergy and Science Direct have been entered.
    * Collection-Based Browsing - You can now browse for a title from a specific collection (such as "Science Direct" or "Proquest").  This option is available on the alphabetical list of titles.

    We plan to continue to add new functionality and information into the e-resources system as soon as new data such as additional dates, usage, and subjects become available.
  • Trials
    Trial Available Posted Friday, July 9, 2004, 4:00 pm
    Users now have access to GIDEON for a thirty day trial.  It is a database used for Infectious Disease diagnosis, epidemiology and clinical laboratory analysis. GIDEON is designed to diagnose and simulate infectious disease worldwide. The Epidemiology module is updated weekly and follows the global and country-specific status of all infectious diseases including emerging infections such as SARS. The Therapy module includes the pharmacology and usage of anti-infective drugs and vaccines. A new bioterrorism module addresses diseases associated with bioterrorism including Anthrax.
    Clinical laboratories use GIDEON's Microbiology module to identify and characterize pathogens in patient samples.
    Read this JAMA review.
  • E-Resources
    InfoPOEMs Update Posted Friday, July 9, 2004, 3:39 pm
    If users did not re-register their handheld devices by July 1, 2004, they can still do so by following the directions at:
    A summer update will be available mid-July that will provide new features and fix some previous problems, especially with downloading to some hand held devices.  Watch for more information when it is available.  
  • E-Resources
    PubMed on Tap Posted Friday, April 23, 2004, 3:08 pm
    PubMed on Tap, Version 1.4 client for Palm OS devices is available at  Version 1.4 includes a feature that evaluators have requested: Link-out to full text. If a link to a full text Web site exists for an article, a link-out icon will appear at the bottom of the citation screen. If you tap the icon, PubMed on Tap will launch the PDA's browser withe URL provided by PubMed. You will not be able to go "back" to PubMed on Tap from the browser. For now, you will need to start PMoT again. We hope to include an automatic "state-saver" in a future version.

    Please download the latest PubMed onTap.prc and start using it. Tell your friends and colleagues about it! And please give the National Library of Medicine (NLM) feedback. You can email your thoughts to, or post to their user forum,

    For those of you with PocketPC PDAs, there is a version of PubMed on Tap for you under development. NLM hopes to have it ready later this Spring.
  • E-Resources
    ScienceDirect titles now available Posted Thursday, April 22, 2004, 4:23 pm
    The new ScienceDirect contract is finalized.  This list (available at includes the 709 titles to which we should have unlimited access.  Try them out and let us know if there are ones that refuse you access.  The titles on this list represent a cooperative project between libraries in North and South Dakota and Minnesota.   If a title is not on this list, we do not have access.  It must be requested through Interlibrary Loan.  Our old system of getting some unsubscribed titles free is no longer viable.  We apologize for the long delays and confusion in getting this established, but since this is a three-year contract, it should be smooth sailing until 2007!
  • Other
    Children's Books for Belcourt - National Library Week Project Posted Wednesday, April 21, 2004, 5:08 pm
    The staff of the Harley E. French Library invites the faculty, staff and students to help us with our National Library Week Project.  We are asking for donations of new or used (in good condition please) children's books for the pediatrics unit at the Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Health Care facility in Belcourt on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation.  Drs. Sandeep Patel and Angela Erdrich received a small grant to make available books for children as they are waiting to see the doctors.  They very much want to supplement the books they bought through the grant with additional ones, so please help out if you can.

    Bring the books to the library circulation desk.  We will make sure that they are delivered to the doctors to use in the waiting areas.

    Thanks for helping @Your Library!
  • E-Resources
    InfoPOEMs "Product Tour" is now available. Posted Tuesday, April 13, 2004, 8:34 pm
    InfoPOEMs "Product Tour" is now available at  This may be useful to new and prospective users.  Try it out!
  • E-Resources
    PsycINFO PlusText is now available! Posted Wednesday, March 10, 2004, 5:37 pm
    The library has switched to a new vendor for the PsycINFO database.  This change allows us to continue to provide our users with access to over 1,900 leading psychological, psychiatric, and related publications, while adding links to full text and full image journals available in ProQuest Psychology Journals.

    The database covers a wide range of topics, including psychology, psychiatry, and related information from the fields of education, business, medicine, nursing, law, and social work.

    Nearly 300 of the source publications are available in the full text and/or full image formats, including the American Journal of Psychology, American Journal of Psychiatry, and many more.
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